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Boost your mood and amplify your scents!

Go All Natural, as the name suggests, is a brand that echoes natural ingredients that are actually good for you!

Our deodorant balms are nurtured with 100% natural ingredients and the finest essential oils sourced from sustainable suppliers to ensure they remain effective without any compromise on performance.

Each of the five deodorant balms has been carefully designed and formulated to mask and neutralise body odour with mood-enhancing benefits. The transformative scents of lavender in the Relaxing Deodorant Balm triggers a sense of calmness and comfort, while the citrus notes in the Uplifting Balm revive and elevate. Pure bliss.

Our Story

Go All Natural was born out of pure love and passion to keep things fresh, all day every day.

In 2020, our founder Julia went on a journey of self discovery. She searched far and wide to find natural ingredients and products to replace her current skincare and beauty routine. She stumbled across natural deodorants and soon tried every available product on the market.

But something was missing.

A week later, she formulated her first recipe and soon after this, created five more. Tested on friends and family, it was love at first sight.

Fast forward to today, Go All Natural offers five versatile deodorant balms and has built an online-only, direct to consumer model. Selling premium products with the highest quality ingredients at a good price!

Julia and her twin daughters' mission is to create a 100% natural skincare brand with integrity and simplicity.

Join us on this crazy rollercoaster journey and let’s GO ALL NATURAL together!

Stay natural!
Julia, Maria and Tatyana

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100% Natural Ingredients

Our Deodorant Balms are all handmade, using only the finest essential oils and formulas to moisturise your skin, keeping you oduor free all day, every day! Each ingredient was chosen for its proven benefits, helping bring your thoughts to a mindful state.

Better than antiperspirants

Derived from gentle ingredients that work with your body chemistry and offer a safer, better alternative to antiperspirants and synthetic fragrances in your usual deodorant. They are alcohol-free too.


Our goal is to neutralise and stop odour causing bacteria in the armpits and not just cover it up. We have created a long-lasting formula that is gender neutral and suitable for all skin types.