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Synthetic Fragrance VS Essential Oils

Let's talk about Synthetic Fragrance & Essential Oils Do you wear a perfume? Have you asked yourself what’s in it?  You might not know but your perfume is a synthetic fragrance. The synthetic compounds are irritating to the skin and can cause many other potentially serious health problems. They also contain hormone disruptors which are linked to abnormal cell reproduction and may result in tumour growth.  We can help you make your switch to a more natural lifestyle so why don’t you start by using our 100% Natural Deodorant Balms with a blend of essential oils. Natural deodorants are a great option for anyone who wishes to avoid the synthetic ingredients founds in perfumes and antiperspirants. They are not just effective...

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The Process in Going Natural

Have you thought of using a more natural approach when it comes to what you eat, drink or use on your skin?  I am sure you already cook your own meals, at least 3 a week and really enjoy whatever you prepare from scratch. If you haven’t – try it because it is much more delicious.  What about your skin?  The vast majority of people use deodorants and they have become a part of our morning routine. Wearing a deodorant makes us feel clean and fresh throughout the day.  Deodorants are also great for people who sweat excessively or live in hot climates and therefore they have become an essential item in most people’s beauty routines so much that we...

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Are deodorants and antiperspirants safe to use during pregnancy?

Do you check the labels when you buy cosmetic products?  Have you asked yourself – Can I use my favourite deodorant during pregnancy and later on when breastfeeding?  We all know that antiperspirants and deodorants contain aluminium and lately there has been a lot of information about how dangerous they could be for your skin.   You don’t have to be a doctor to understand the risks of using all these harmful components and that is why we have a dedication to promote self-care and awareness. Natural deodorants are a good option for anyone who wishes to avoid the harmful ingredients usually found in commercial deodorants.  What do we know about antiperspirant?  Commercial antiperspirants use aluminium, which mixed with your sweat plugs...

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